Allies in Aging

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Allies in Aging connects seniors across Metro Vancouver through leadership, outreach, transportation, training and advocacy. Our goal is to increase the number of seniors who…

  • have support and help when they need it; have someone they can count on to listen to them when they need to talk, to give them advice about a crisis, and to help them when needed;
  • participate regularly in activities;
  • feel connected to family, friends and acquaintances; and
  • feel valued by family, friends and acquaintances.

Target Population

  • People age 75+
  • Living with low income, disability, and or language or cultural barriers to making connections
  • Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods with high proportion of seniors at risk, approx. 18,000


  • Four lead agencies overseeing four projects with 30+ partner organizations
  • Backbone team managing coordination and communication
  • Evaluation consultants committed for duration of initiative
  • Committees: Steering, Backbone, Project Leads
  • Activities include shared events, partners’ gathering, and conference in Feb. 2019
  • Communication beyond email and meetings includes monthly website, e-newsletter, Facebook

Theory of Change

Population Outcomes

Reduce seniors’ isolation by reducing the proportion of seniors 75+ who do not:

1. Have support for daily living when they need it

2. Participate in activities

3. Feel connected

3. Feel valued

Project Outcomes

Seniors are identified, their needs are understood and they are connected to appropriate services.

Seniors are engaged in meaningful opportunities for participation, which leads to strengthened social networks.

Service providers work collaboratively to effectively support seniors through age-related changes.

Key stakeholders influence public policy and advance innovative partnerships to support lasting systemic change.

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