Food Security

Nanaimo Foodshare works with community partners to address hunger in the community, build food skills, bring community together to share resources, and build community capacity to provide healthy foods to everyone in the community. The following programs for seniors have been developed by Nanaimo Foodshare, with one of the goals being
an increased sense of belonging and feeling valued.

For more information, contact:, or call: (250) 753-9393

  • Setting the Table is for Seniors who wish to learn video production skills to document their stories of the programs, skills, and their community involvement that are connected to food.
  • Food Legacy Project is a senior led research project. Seniors cook together, discuss the challenges and supports for healthy eating, and are creating a food guide for seniors to share in the community.
  • Cultivating Abilities Employability Skills Program-a 25 week program in which people who identify as having a disability (diversability) are trained in agriculture, the food industry, and employability skills, and supported in 16 week work placement opportunities.

Nanaimo Senior’s Food Guide

This guide is intended to be a resource for older adults in Nanaimo with a focus on healthy eating. The information in the guide was collected during a number of meetings and cooking groups with older adults in our community.

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