Keeping Ottawa Seniors Connected

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Our Vision

An Ottawa where older adults have the support they need, can participate regularly in activities, and feel valued and connected.

Keeping Ottawa Seniors Connected (KOSC) aims to reduce social isolation and remove barriers to social participation faced by seniors who:

  • live on a low income
  • live with a physical, mental, or cognitive disability
  • have limited skills with either official language
  • experience abuse
  • live in rural areas

KOSC partners are working together to ensure that Ottawa’s seniors have:

  • the support they need, when they need it
  • choices to participate in activities and to connect with friends, family, and community members
  • opportunities to share their skills, knowledge, and talents

Our Partners

The Healthy Connections – Healthy Communities project supports low-income seniors living in six Ottawa Community Housing buildings with events, workshops, and meals.

The Senior Centered ESL Program offers information, workshops and activities to people who are over the 55 years of age and who have poor English language skills.

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The Elder Abuse Response and Referral Service uses a collaborative approach to engage seniors, partners, and service agencies in Ottawa through education and awareness, and training about elder abuse.

Strengthening Senior Neighbourhood Networks supports low-income seniors at the neighbourhood level by creating services and strategies to find and engage isolated seniors.

Creating Community for Isolated Ethno-cultural Seniors is a collaborative project to reduce isolation for immigrant and ethno-cultural seniors, many of whom are also living on low income or with disabilities.

Reducing Rural Isolation project is an outreach program with wraparound services for rural and isolated older adults.

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Our Results – End of Year 2 (March 2018)

Engaged 9,094 seniors in 3,118 activities at 86 locations for a total of 60,262 participants. Engaged 1,721 volunteers of which 1,501 were seniors. Secured $772,226 of in-kind support. Connected with 123 collaborators.

For more information about the Keeping Ottawa Seniors Connected project, please contact:

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